Wednesday 5th July

Work in Progress Wednesday #8

Happy Wednesday, all!

This week I've only really been focusing on one model, the Griffon. I'd been waiting for my new airbrush to arrive before I could get stuck into it, as the last one died while priming that army. More news on the airbrush coming in another post, as I want to write a full review of it.

I started off getting some base colours down on the wings and blending them together, then washed the blue, orange and purple/grey with blue, and the orange with orange. Followed by a drybrush of green on the blue and green, and white on the orange and purple/grey.

I've done both sides of both wings so far, as well as the head and main body - mostly in the electic blue colour.

Next up I started working on the breastplate. I was in two minds on how to paint this, but decided going full metallic was the way to go with different metallic colours to accent the areas and differentiate between them to make that cool design really stand out.

I did some very selective washes of both red and black in different areas here. I've not started on the two side areas just yet, that will probably get done this weekend.

For the tail I wanted to bring the blue back through the model so used the electric blue, grey, and then a drybrush of white to make things stand out. It was also washed with blue. I might come back to this with a glaze of blue, but I'll see how it looks once more of the model is done.

That's the progress on the Griffon so far, really happy with how this model is coming along!

As a final treat for you all, here's a sneak peak of the bases work-in-progress for this army. Not totally sold on the colours yet, but as a design it's coming along.

That's all for this week... See you next time!