Thursday 29th June

Work in Progress Wednesday #7

We're back! Apologies, it has been a couple of weeks. With the launch of the new 40k I have been spending a fair bit of my free time trying to work out what army to play and researching bits and pieces...

However, not all painting time has been lost! In fact, I have got a reasoanble amount done. Kind of. It could have been a lot better, but some progress is better than none.


I painted up the base for the Dreadnaught, and think it came out pretty well.

I also did some freehand on the Dreadnaught, and then ruined it. Lesson learned. My thinking was that it looked like it was "painted on" and not in a good way, so tried to make it look like it was a bit more natural, but that backfired. That's fine though - the most effective lessons are the ones you learn through mistakes! More pics of that in the future once I decide what I am going to be doing about it.

Last night I was going to make some more progress on painting the marines themselves, but was a little strapped in terms of motivation so decided to just get their bases done as well.

My aim for the Deathwatch guys is to get them painted up and have them as a small force for skirmishes and what have you, I don't think they're for me in terms of a proper army for 40k. More on that later though...

Primaris Marine

I don't have any WIP progress shots of this guy, but figured I'd drop him in anyway. On launch day I went down to the local GW and was asked if I wanted to paint up one of the new Primaris Marines, natually I jumped at the chance and this was the outcome.

They're nice models to paint, definitely easier than the old marines. The details are more pronounced, and obviously they're larger so a little less fiddly. The details are nice, too.

In other news, my airbrush died. So I am waiting for a replacement to arrive before I can crack on. Lot's of interesting things ahead though... I need to come up with a plan for what I am going to play in 40k, what I plan on doing for Armies on Parade, and got loads of other bits I need to finish painting!

Catch you next time!