Wednesday 5th July

Work in Progress Wednesday #8

Happy Wednesday, all!

This week I've only really been focusing on one model, the Griffon. I'd been waiting for my new airbrush to arrive before I could get stuck into it, as the last one died while priming that army. More news on the airbrush coming in another post, as I want to write a full review of it.

I started off getting some base colours down on the wings and blending them together, then washed the blue, orange and purple/grey with blue, and the orange with orange. Followed by a drybrush of green on the blue and green, and white on the orange and purple/grey.

I've done both sides of bo...

Thursday 29th June

Work in Progress Wednesday #7

We're back! Apologies, it has been a couple of weeks. With the launch of the new 40k I have been spending a fair bit of my free time trying to work out what army to play and researching bits and pieces...

However, not all painting time has been lost! In fact, I have got a reasoanble amount done. Kind of. It could have been a lot better, but some progress is better than none.


I painted up the base for the Dreadnaught, and think it came out pretty well.

I also did some freehand on the Dreadnaught, and then ruined it. Lesson learned. My thinking was that it looked like it was "painte...

Wednesday 7th June

Work in Progress Wednesday #6

Happy Wednesday, all!

This last week has taken an unexpected turn - I've taken the plunge into 40k ahead of 8th edition.

I spent a really, really long time trying to work out which army I wanted to go with - I had it narrowed down to Space Wolves, Skitarii and Deathwatch. When I was in the store I decided Deathwatch was the way to go, based on the fact that they have a fair bit of variety and loads of conversion opportunities.

The Start Collecting box was the obvious choice, so this week I have been working through that.

First up, the dreadnaught.

I was going to order a replacement base and ...

Thursday 1st June

Fabius Bile - Repainted

I finished Fabius Bile last week as an entry for the local GW's painting competition and wanted to cover off how I achieved some of the effects and finishes - mostly for my own records as there's a good chance I'll never remember how I got here otherwise.

Fabius was a 1995 metal model given to me by a friend at work, he had played Warhammer in his early teens and by his own admission hadn't cared much for the painting side of things.

This is how Fabius came to me...

And this is how he ended up...

I won't cover off the process of how I stripped the paint and rebuilt him using Abaddon's sword,...

Wednesday 24th May

Work in Progress Wednesday #5

Happy Wednesday all! This week I have been doing something totally different. While waiting for a delivery of basing materials so I can progress The Legion of Doom army, I decided at the last minute to enter this quarters painting competition at the local Games Workshop.

From the bits box I found most of an old 1995 Fabius Bile, and Drach'nyen (I am pretty sure the rest of Abaddon is in here somewhere...) and created a monstrosity that would honor even Fabius himself...