About Me

What’s up? My name is Dan.

I live in the middle of nowhere – there are a lot of hills, cows, and sheep. I can throw stones into Wales. My wife and I live in a little house with our puppy.

That is me.

I got into painting Warhammer at Christmas 2016. My wife decided I needed to do something creative after a change of job put me into a less hands on role. She bought the Age of Sigmar starter box and the starter set of paints, so on Boxing Day 2016 I set to work.

Not a bad start… #warhammer #ageofsigmar #PaintingWarhammer

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I mean, I wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t a terrible start. I kept it pretty much within the lines.

I’ve learnt a couple of things since then, and while I have only been in the hobby a year I think I’ve started finding out where my interests are within the hobby.

The projects so far are reasonably disparate, but going into 2018 I hope to start working on a more cohesive set of models and try to actually complete an army and show it at Army’s on Parade 2018 along with a display board.