About Me

Hey, what's up?

My name is Dan, I started painting miniatures at Christmas 2016 after a 20 year break from the hobby.

I live in rural Herefordshire, somewhere in the depths of the UK. I can throw stones into Wales. There's not a whole bunch to do around here, unless you like farming.

My wife bought me the Storm of Sigmar box and the basic painting set for Christmas, and by boxing day I had completed my first miniature. It wasn't great, but I was hooked.

Over the next few weeks I was trying to decide what it was I wanted to start painting first.

I eventually decided on trying out painting some Skeletons, so bought a Start Collecting! Malignants box set, and it was about that time I heard about a painting competition at the local Games Workshop. I figured I may as well give it a go, so I built the Coven Throne, and spent way too long making the base for it. I didn't win, but the everyone was very impressed with the base I had built.

By the time I was done painting Skeletons I was pretty bored of them, and couldn't face any more so I did some proper research into the different armies and decided Seraphon was the way to go.

A few months later I had painted the majority of the Seraphon I had bought, some of them came out pretty well and I learnt a lot during the process, my favourite models have made their way into my gallery, but my Bastidon which you can see below on the right is probably my best model so far.

During this time I had joined up to play a few games at the local Games Workshop, and saw some glaring holes in both my tactics and the Seraphon army I had chosen, I also had about 40 Warriors I needed to finish painting and was feeling somewhat uninspired. It was time to mix it up a bit.

I still very much enjoyed Seraphon, but wanted to boost their power up a notch and adding in some Battlemage's and magical support seemed to be the way to go, so I came up with a list that included a bunch of models I loved and wanted to paint, could be used together, and all the contents could be used with my existing Seraphon army.

The Legion of Doom as I have affectionately named it is now underway - I get to paint a whole bunch of great large beasts, unique wizards, and angry naked dwarves. What's not to like?

That about brings you up-to-date on the story so far, hopefully my work improves and you enjoy looking at the things I create. I'm pretty active on Twitter and Instagram, so give me a shout and let's talk miniatures!