Wednesday 5th July

Work in Progress Wednesday #8

Happy Wednesday, all!

This week I've only really been focusing on one model, the Griffon. I'd been waiting for my new airbrush to arrive before I could get stuck into it, as the last one died while priming that army. More news on the airbrush coming in another post, as I want to write a full review of it.

I started off getting some base colours down on the wings and blending them together, then washed the blue, orange and purple/grey with blue, and the orange with orange. Followed by a drybrush of green on the blue and green, and white on the orange and purple/grey.

I've done both sides of bo...

Thursday 29th June

Work in Progress Wednesday #7

We're back! Apologies, it has been a couple of weeks. With the launch of the new 40k I have been spending a fair bit of my free time trying to work out what army to play and researching bits and pieces...

However, not all painting time has been lost! In fact, I have got a reasoanble amount done. Kind of. It could have been a lot better, but some progress is better than none.


I painted up the base for the Dreadnaught, and think it came out pretty well.

I also did some freehand on the Dreadnaught, and then ruined it. Lesson learned. My thinking was that it looked like it was "painte...